Justin B. Kinney

Justin B. Kinney

Assistant Professor, Simons Center for Quantitative Biology. (PhD. Princeton 2008)

My research combines theory, computation, and experiment in an effort to better understand quantitative sequence-function relationships in molecular biology. I am particularly interested in deciphering the biophysical mechanisms of transcriptional regulation using the quantitative modeling of data produced by Sort-Seq and other massively parallel assays. I also devote much of my effort to developing new methods in statistics and machine learning.

Job Opportunities

The Kinney Lab is looking to hire a talented and motivated Postdoctoral Fellow to participate in one of a variety of mathematical, computational, and experimental projects focused on using ultra-high-throughput DNA sequencing to measure and model quantitative sequence-function relationships. Applicants with PhD-level experience in physics, computer science, statistics, machine learning, molecular biology, and/or biochemistry are encouraged apply. Applicants should email Dr. Kinney directly at jkinney@cshl.edu.

Selected Publications

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