The Kinney Lab pursues an integrated combination of experiment, computation, and theory focused on problems in molecular biophysics, machine learning, and the study of sequence-function relationships. We are part of the Simons Center for Quantitative Biology at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

Principal Investigator
Justin B. Kinney
Assistant Professor
Simons Center for Quantitative Biology
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
PhD, Princeton, 2008; CV


Jan 2019: Congrats to Rhys on his paper in Cell Systems! !

Dec 2018: Congrats to Talitha and Andalus on their paper in eLife !

Oct 2018: Congrats to Wei-Chia and Ammar their paper in Physical Review Letters !

Sept 2018: Congrats to Mandy on her paper in Molecular Cell!

Aug 2018: Congrats to Anna on her paper in Genes!

July 2018: Congratulations to Talitha on defending her PhD thesis!

May 2018: Congrats to Nathan on his paper in PNAS!

April 2018: Our density estimation software package, SUFTware , is live! So is our preprint. Congrats to Wei-Chia and Ammar for their excellent and tireless work on this project.

April 2018: Anna Posfai has just joined our lab as a postdoc! She will be working jointly with David McCandlish on the quantitative modeling of sequence-function relationships. She comes from Princeton where she did some really baller work with Ned Wingreen.

Selected Publications and Preprints

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Published or In Press